From Trieste to Milano (3)

I leave behind the lakes and mountains following a seven hour ride and arrive in Milan, the only flat road stage in my religious journey. The capital of fashion incites a diabolical effect, the chaotic traffic chokes me and after a few hours of excitement I stop to photograph. The resurface of a smile comes while meeting Giorgio Càeran, a myth among the Vespa travellers who left Italy August 21, 1977 to go in India with his Vespa Rally 200. I pick him up on the Negra and go for a ride in the city. We talk about travel, Vespa’s, motorcycle racing and his latest book on the road to Santiago. We consult the 70’s road map that accompanies me on this adventure. Giorgio gets a kick out of looking at the stretch he travelled years before in an East-bound direction. I have a feeling that his adventures will resume one day.

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